Frequently Asked Questions
So what is my browser cache and how do I clear it?

Each time you visit a website your web browser will cache some of the data (that is, it stores it on your computer), to allow for quicker loading if the page is revisited.

Sometimes this can cause issues where the changes you've made on a page don't appear. To resolve this the action is to clear your browser's cache to get a ‘fresh’ copy.

To find out how to clear the cache on the browser/device you are using search on the Internet. The phrase " how do I clear the cache in 'Chrome on a Mac' should work. The browser in this is example is Chrome and the device is a Mac.
Use your email address. It is important to know which of your email addresses you have used to access the system so that if issues arise with not receiving messages the correct email account is being checked.
  • Go to Login - Register
  • enter your email address and press Next
  • The system will respond with a Welcome 'your name'. If not double check your email address.
  • Click on the Send a password reset message
  • a message will be emailed to you with a link to reset your password>
Most likely they are in your spam or junk folder. If they are not there then you may need to add the domain to a safe senders list. This is a common problem with Microsoft based email (Hotmail, Live & Outlook). Follow these steps to add our website to your safe senders list. 
Uploading entries
Each competition or club has its own requirement. A very common requirement is:
  • JPG format
  • less than 2 megabytes
  • less than or equal to 1920 pixels wide
  • less than or equal to 1200 pixels high
Yes - the filename must contain only letters, numbers and spaces.  No special characters are allowed, e.g. apostrophes, exclamation mark, etc. These filenames are not acceptable
  • He's over there.jpg
  • He is over there!.jpg
  • $20 for pint.jpg
  • 20 dollars for a pint?.jpg
Spaces are OK, but a nice system friendly name looks like this: he-is-over-there.jpg
our photo processing software will do this and part of your resizing process will ensure the correct size is set. As a final check you can use the dialog box that opens to select your image to upload. On the entry form click on Choose file. On a Windows computer
  • change the view of the box to show Details
  • right click on the column title (where Name, Date, Type are listed. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"] Screen shot of Windows file open[/caption]
  • click on More and find the Dimensions option and tick it
  • Now each images dimensions will be displayed.
  • To see this information you may need to make the Open dialog box larger by dragging the bottom right corner
On a Mac computer.
  • grab a corner of the dialog box and drag it to make it cover most of your screen
  • Change the view to Columns
  • [caption id="" align="alignright" width="278"] Screen shot of Mac File Open[/caption] Naviagate and select the image you are entering
  • A preview will appear and the file size and dimensions will be shown below the image
wo steps to adding a member: Register for an account – remember that one account provides access to the MyPhotoClub network. They will receive an email on registering. Join the Members Group for your club – this is done by registering that they have paid their fees using the My Details page. They will receive an email on becoming a member. Both these steps are best done by the new member. Can I do this for them? -Yes, a committee member can register a person and then go into Committee > Membership and add them as a Member. Please note that they will still receive emails from the website as each stage is done. If you need a large number of members joined up, then we can load these as a batch. This is part of our start-up service.